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Black Color Added to Delvation and Vintage 100-400 Models

Mar 31, 2020 11:10am


Black Garage Doors Available as a Standard Color Option in Value Models Delvation 100-400 and Vintage 100-400

Kansas City, MO, USA – March 31, 2020: Black garage doors are a growing preference as styles begin leaning towards the contemporary look. For this reason, Black has been added as a standard color option for the budget-friendly Delvation 100-400 and Vintage 100-400 collections. These low maintenance steel options include non-insulated (100), vinyl-back insulated (200), 1-3/8" polystyrene steel-back insulated (300) or 2" polystyrene steel-back insulated (400). Black was already a standard option for the polyurethane insulated 600 models.

"This new availability provides our dealers with a very affordable option to meet their customer's needs while not sacrificing quality," said Joe Rethford, inside sales and specialty products coordinator in Delden's KC office. "Our customers also value that our Delden products come standard with premium components without having to 'upgrade'," added Rethford.