Delden Manufacturing

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The Delden Story



1955 Gene Renner works as a commissioned salesman for Dierks Lumber Company in Kansas City, Mo. Dierks begins selling Ro-Way garage doors by Rowe Mfg. Co. of Galesburg, Ill.

1956 Gene partners with his father, Elmer Renner, to sell overhead doors as R&R Garage Door. Gene’s wife, Freida Renner, keeps the books. With sales of only $65,000 in his first year, Gene plans to get out of the business.

1957 A destructive tornado in Kansas City spurs many door sales, interrupting Gene’s plans to drop the door business. He changes the company name to Renner Supply, selling builders’ hardware and garage doors, installing Ro-Way and Wagner doors.

1964 Renner buys a Lincoln Door Clamp from Berry Door, Birmingham, Mich., and creates Delden Mfg. Co., with Dick Wright, Harry Link, and Elmer Renner as minority partners. Delden is named for Dee Layne, Dennis, and Denise, his three children. With the clamp, Delden can make an 8x7 wood overhead door for less than $30.

1966 Gene and Dick Wright form Renner-Wright Corporation in St. Louis, making garage doors with a Lincoln Door Clamp.

1969 Delden begins producing fiberglass and aluminum garage doors.

1971 Renner-Wright becomes Delden, as Dick Wright sells his share to Renner.

1980 Delden buys a rollformer and begins producing its own commercial steel overhead doors. Renner is elected president of the National Association of Garage Door Manufacturers (NAGDM).

1981 Delden opens Delden Garage Door of Iowa (owned by Dennis Renner, Gene's son).

1982 With Renner as president, Delden, Amarr (Winston-Salem, N.C.), and Ankmar (Denver, Colo.) form the Garage Door Group (GDG) to make residential raisedpanel steel garage doors in Kansas City, Mo. GDG buys Roll-Easy Springs of Kansas City.

1986 Elmer Renner dies.

1989 GDG moves to Lawrence, Kan., to a plant built and owned by the Brenner family of Amarr.

1991 Renner partners with Rick Vinson to open Delden Mfg. of Illinois, near Joliet.

1992 Gene Renner purchases Harry Link’s and Dick Wright’s shares of Delden.

1994 Amarr and Delden buy Ankmar’s share in GDG.

1997 Amarr buys Delden Mfg. of Illinois.

1998 Amarr purchases Delden’s share in GDG.

2000 Delden builds a new plant in Kansas City with 84,000 square feet.

2003 Gene Renner retires. His daughter, Denise, becomes president of Delden.

2006 Rick Vinson becomes co-owner for Delden of Iowa.

2012 Denise Dahms (Gene Renner’s daughter) has continued to fulfill the Delden tradition with customer service, an honest approach and good old fashioned hard work. She has continued to always be looking for new ideas and more efficient strategies to keep Delden Mfg. a staple in the Midwest.

2014 Delden celebrates 50 years!

2016 Gene Renner passes away at the age of 88.

Today, Delden has over 100 employees and six branches throughout the Midwest, with door centers in Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield and Camdenton in MO, Wichita KS and Des Moines IA. Gene Renner credited his earlier success to his management team and expressed confidence that Delden has a strong management team for the future.