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Delden Expands Residential Door Options, Changes Profiles and Consolidates Collections

Sep 30, 2019 11:31am


Introducing the Delvation 100 – 600 and Vintage 100 - 600

Kansas City, MO, USA - September 30, 2019: Delden Garage Doors is excited to introduce the new Delvation 100 - 600 and Vintage 100 - 600. The Delvation Collection is a completely new line and Vintage will replace Vintage Plus. These updates include three components.

(1) Delden has expanded its lines with four new models. Two of the new models are built complete with a 2” door thickness, double-sided steel, polystyrene insulation, plus an affordable 27-gauge exterior and interior steel skin: Delvation 400 (DV-400) and Vintage 400 (VIN-400).

The third and fourth new model is a 1-3/8” double-sided steel door with polyurethane insulation: Delvation 500 (DV-500) and Vintage 500 (VIN-500).

(2) All Delvation and Vintage models are installed with standard on-door hardware, allowing dealers to be more adaptable in the field with the new door section profiles.

(3) Some existing products have been transitioned or replaced:

The Ovation Plus (OV-25) 1000/2000 will be replaced by the Delvation (DV) 100/200.

The Vintage Plus 1000/2000 will be replaced by the Vintage (VIN) 100/200.

The Delcraft 138 Plus (DC-138) has been replaced by the Delvation 300 (DV-300).

The Vintage Plus 3000 has been replaced by the Vintage 300 (VIN-300).

The DTR-3000 is now renamed the Delvation 600 (DV-600) and the DTR-3500 is now renamed the Vintage 600 or (VIN-600).

Additionally, all new lines will come standard with the same premium components expected from the Delden brand of garage doors. This includes ball bearing nylon rollers, 14-gauge on-door hardware and high cycle springs.

“With this new way of showing our product, a customer can choose from options of a low-maintenance steel, non-insulated model 100 all the way to a 2” polyurethane insulated model 600, and everything in between,” states Willy Dahms, director of operations for Delden. “In between, a customer can choose a vinyl-back insulated model 200, 1-3/8” steel-back polystyrene insulated model 300, 2” steel-back polystyrene insulated model 400 or 1-3/8” polyurethane insulated model 500. The construction remains the same regardless of Delvation (DV) traditional and contemporary panel designs or Vintage (VIN) carriage house panel designs,” Dahms added.

About Delden Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Delden Manufacturing Company, or more commonly referred to as Delden Garage Doors, is a wholesale garage door manufacturer and distributor. Delden is known for their “Experience the Quality” reputation, multi-line garage door distribution and custom garage door manufacturing. Delden supplies North America’s Midwest region with garage doors, electric openers, parts and accessories through five door centers: Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield and Osage Beach in Missouri and Des Moines, IA.