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Delden Garage Doors Turn Heads with “Your Home Your Design” Custom Collection

Apr 30, 2017 10:56am


(Kansas City, MO) A perfect Garage door not only increases the resale value of a property but also improves its aesthetic appeal. Therefore, the appearance of the garage door is just as important as its quality. Customized garage doors offer customers the ability to design the product to their own liking before the purchase. It empowers them to own garage doors that they had a hand in creating. It also adds a sense of accomplishment and immeasurable value to the whole experience.

With this launch, Delden Garage Doors enable their customers to select from an array of materials, accessories and hardware to design their own garage door.

According to Jackson Wilson, company salesperson, “We are happy to announce the growing popularity of ‘Your Home Your Design’ custom collections. Individuality has become a commodity in today’s world. Our goal is to design and make garage doors that meet the ever growing demands of the market. We believe that with each design choice made by our customers, we could gain more insights on real time shopper preferences that go well beyond what we understand from focus groups. This collection is especially for those who cannot find what they are looking for anywhere on the market.”

The thermal resistance value of the garage doors range from 6.48 to 9.05, they offer 1-10 years of warranty and some models come with built-in thermal breaks.

Wilson added, “We also make sure that all your expectations, needs and preferences are taken into consideration and the resulting garage door is as unique as the person who purchases it.”

The company is confident that this re-introduction is both beneficial and profitable for their customers.

Delden Garage Doors is a family owned business which dominates the Midwest garage door market since 1964. They offer premium quality garage doors designed by highly skilled experts at competitive prices. For more information about Delden's "Your Home Your Design" collection, visit