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Feb 10, 2016 11:49am

Dave Morino retires after four decades of impeccable skill and customer service. KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Delden Garage Doors said goodbye to long-time employee Dave Morino, simultaneously marking the end of an era in the garage door industry.

Morino was the go-to guy in the Midwest when it came to repairing electronic boards for garage door lift systems. He was well known and respected within the garage door industry.

In 2014, Morino gave his one-year notice of retirement after experiencing health issues. His retirement went into effect at the end of December 2015.

“We offered his service to customers as a courtesy. Having someone with Dave’s knowledge provided virtually exclusive value to our company,” said Denise Dahms, President of Delden Manufacturing Co. “He was an important component of our service. The state of electronics today makes repair less of an issue.”

The garage door opener industry, like many others has gone from “fix and repair” to making more disposable items. The electronic boards in garage door lift systems are no longer easily repaired, and Morino’s valuable skill-set is ironically becoming less necessary in the industry. Delden has deemed Morino irreplaceable, and decided not to fill his position.

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